El Calvario

On November 19, 1618, the Fraternity of the Third Order, which had been born in the temple of San Francisco in 1614, decided to have its own church for their meetings and devotional exercises. After several inquiries, they finally decided to ask the City Council for a vacant lot not far from the church of Our Lady of Los Remedios. The Ordinary Mayor Dr. Iván Luis Pereira granted the brothers the right of possession of the property, and they received it by planting a cross at the point that coincided with 1322 steps of the church of San Francisco, which is the distance between El Pretorio and El Monte. Calvary. Along the way they made the recognition of the fourteen stations of the Via Crucis.

On November 30, with the help of a lot of people, the first Way of the Cross went out in the city. The following year, February 15, 1,619 being the first Friday of Lent, the Way of the Cross came out of the Church of San Francisco with the Image of Jesus Nazareno from El Silencio and the road that was called, “Calle de La Amargura”.

The Nazarene of El Silencio is venerated in the temple of El Calvario, and leaves at dawn on Friday of pain in the Via Crucis del Silencio, only for men, at three in the morning to later stay in wakefulness and his procession takes place on Holy Tuesday at four o’clock in the afternoon on a tour that takes place in seven hours.

* Texts taken from www.CuaresmaDeAntigua.com

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