San Jerónimo

Did you know that in the middle of the sixteenth century the Mercedarian friars erected a chapel in the San Jerónimo fraternity. In 1675 was founded the Jesus of Nazareno the San Jerónimo fraternity and wits chapel was built by attached vaults from the Ermita. In 1739 a license is requested to the Real Hearing to construct the building of the school, since it was built without authorization of the Crown.

In 1765 it was ordered to establish the Royal Customs. The earthquakes of Santa Marta in 1773 destroyed the monument, but the Hermitage continued its use until 1804, transferring the goods of the Temple of San Sabastian. Obeying what was ordered by the Royal Audience, the ceiling and all that was useful of the building of the Royal Customs, was moved for reuse in the New Guatemala de la Asunción.

San Jerónimo Chapel

In 1773 the earthquakes of Santa Marta destroyed this incredible monument, soon the Real Audience ordered that everything that was still useful should be moved to the New Guatemala de la Asunción.

San Jerónimo

Alameda de Santa Lucía y 1ª Calle Poniente,
Antigua Guatemala