San Francisco Ruins

The construction of this temple and convent was finished in 1705, even though the founding nuns had arrived to the city in 1699, coming from Mexico. The Museum of Colonial Art preserves part of a high relief that commemorates these nuns. The earthquakes of 1717 destroyed this building so a few years later the architect Diego de Porres began a new construction in 1723 and finished it in 1734; there were no remains of the original convent

The façade, one of the most beautiful in the city, is richly decorated in stucco, its serlian pilasters stand out, a very singular feature of the antique baroque. The interior of the temple is of a single nave, with a high choir in the south, which was of exclusive use for the nuns, and is covered with vaults, restored after the earthquake of 1976.

Tarzan and the Green Goddness

In 1935 part of the film "Tarzan and the Green Goddness" was filmed in the Church of San Francisco and they even took lions to the Church.

San Francisco Ruins

7ma Calle Oriente y 1ra Avenida Sur No. 7, Antigua Guatemala.