La Recolección Ruins

Did you know that in 1700 the monastery and the foundation of the College Cristo Crusificado by the Apostolical Missionaries was authorized by the Royal Decree.

The Construction began in 1701 in charge of the Architect Mayor Joseph de Porres and concluded by Diego de Porres. The monastery was completed in 1708, the church in 1715 and inaugurated in 1717, a few months after the earthquakes of San Miguel; and in 1751 another earthquake damaged the construction.

On one side of the monastery it was built the "House of Recoletos", also known as Lazareto which was used as a hospital and lodging during the seventeenth century. The monument was abandoned after the earthquakes of 1773. In the mid-nineteenth century the façade of the temple and other elements of the monastery collapsed. The remnants of the ancient temple exemplify the magnitude of the damage that earthquakes have caused over the past two centuries.

Church and Convent La Recolección

The opening scenes of the film "The Border" in 1982, starring by the actor Jack Nicholson were filmed in these ruins.

La Recolección Ruins

Calle de los Recoletos y 1ra calle Poniente, Antigua Guatemala