Capuchinas Church and Convent

The construction, originally called Convent and Church Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza, was approved by Felipe V The construction, originally called the Convent and Church of Our Lady of Pilar de Zaragoza, was approved by Felipe in 1725 just after the arrival of the Order Clarisas de Capuchinas to the population.1 The work began in 1731 and was consecrated in 1736 under the Supervision of Diego de Porres; In fact, it was the last founded convent of the city and the first one that left the habit to demand dowry for the new inmates, circumstance that had prevented young people of limited resources to accept the religious.

The daily routine of the professed was governed by strict regulations which included the highest rules of poverty, penance, and fasting; likewise, they should subsist from the alms provided by the faithful. Now, since the formation of this convent, there were two types of nuns in the convents of Santiago de los Caballeros...

Capuchinas Convent

This convent was designed by the Architect Major Diego de Porres and the church was dedicated to the Archangel San Miguel.

Capuchinas Church and Convent

2da Avenida Norte entre 1ra y 2da Calle Oriente,
Antigua Guatemala