We were in the 1970s in Tecpán, Guatemala. My wife and I bought a land in the area, shortly after we bought the land, we became so involved with the community that we wanted to contribute to its development and growth, so we decided to start cultivating the land. Indirectly, this was the beginning of Epicure and what it is today. It generated employment for 48 members of the community. However, for the project to be self-sustainable, it was necessary to establish operations and processes that would result in greater profits.

This is where the ancient city comes into play. Given the large hotel and restaurant market, Antigua was the perfect place to sell farm produce. The presence of Epicure in Antigua began as a processing plant for cold meat products. Subsequently it became a gourmet store that sells the produce of the farm, and finally, after moving to the current location, Epicure succeeded in becoming what it is today: restaurant, gourmet store, and a processing plant in one place.


Restaurant Bakery

3a. Av. Norte No 11 “B”
La Antigua Guatemala

(502) 7832-5522