Angie Angie

Angie Angie Art Café, is a dream come true, a place where art, flavors, meetings, music, loves and heartbreaks are mixed. The restaurant’s cuisine offers an eclectic menu, Italian, Argentinian, Spanish, and Mediterranean cuisine.

It is a place where walls are used to put paint, photography and documentary projections. Once a month you will see different artists and trends that give many local and international artists the opportunity to present their art, to continue growing and to motivate them so that we can feel part of this circle of culture that lives in La Antigua.

Angie Angie Art Café is a place with that bohemia where anyone, no matter if they are 70 or 18 years old will be dancing with joy. So, we invite you to have a good experience, find friendly people and many stories.

Angie Angie Café Arte  es un lugar con esa bohemia donde cualquier persona, no importa si es de 70 o 18 años está bailando con alegría, entonces los invitamos a tener una buena experiencia, encontrar personas amigables y muchas historias.

Empanadas Argentinas 2x1

Every Monday the delicious Empanadas Argentinas de Angie Angie at 2x1

Pizza 2x1

Today Angie Angie's famous wood-fired pizzas are 2x1 all day long

Angie Angie

1ra Avenida Sur #11 “A”, Antigua Guatemala

(Español) (+502) 7832.3352