Fun Facts

Church San Francisco El Grande

Did you know that the Church San Francisco El Grande was built in 1702 by Diego de Porres and was destroyed by the earthquakes of 1717, 1751 and 1773?

Hermano Pedro Museum:

On one side of the Church San Francisco El Grande there is a small museum where you can see some religious objects and personal belongings Holy Hermano Pedro.

Santa Teresa Monastery and Temple

These ruins were used as a courtyard for drying coffee and then it became a jail for men until 2007, when they transferred the inmates to another site.

Capuchinas Convent

This convent was designed by the Architect Major Diego de Porres and the church was dedicated to the Archangel San Miguel.

Santa Clara Convent

This convent was founded by six nuns who came from Mexico in 1699, now it is one of the main monuments of the city.

San Jerónimo Chapel

In 1773 the earthquakes of Santa Marta destroyed this incredible monument, soon the Real Audience ordered that everything that was still useful should be moved to the New Guatemala de la Asunción.

Church and Convent La Recolección

The opening scenes of the film “The Border” in 1982, starring by the actor Jack Nicholson were filmed in these ruins.

Cathedral San José Ruins

This church was much larger than it is now, since in 1773 there was an earthquake that completely ruined it, so now you can visit and leave surprised by the size this Church used to have.

Church Escuela de Cristo

This church differs from the other constructions of the colonial city: there was no need of stucco to cover the work and it´s design is quite symmetrical and simple; only the steeples are white.

Tarzan and the Green Goddness

In 1935 part of the film “Tarzan and the Green Goddness” was filmed in the Church of San Francisco and they even took lions to the Church.

Church La Merced

This church is one of the most visited in Antigua because of its façade and its ultra-baroque Guatemalan design, without any doubt this is a place you must visit.

La Antigua Guatemala

Many know this incredible city like La Antigua but its official and historical name is Very Noble and Very Loyal City of Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala.


Did you know that La Antigua was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 and is the main touristic destination in Guatemala?

Hermano Pedro´s Tree

In the garden of Ermita del Calvario in La Antigua Guatemala there is a tree of Esquisúchil planted by Hermano Pedro in 1657.

Colonial Art Museum

Before being a museum it was the first university of Guatemala (Universidad de San Carlos) and the oldest one of the Isthmus, but it was until 1936 that the Museum of Colonial Art was founded in this building.